Several Steps Closer to Done.

So, the album is now recorded, mixed, and mastered and the artwork is nearly finished. I want to give my sincerest thank you to Tim Carter who did such a fantastic job on this record. Tim captured the essence of what we wanted to put out. To me this record is very reminiscent of the ’40s and ‘50s era bluegrass that I grew up listening to. Matt Comb’s and Smith Curry, along with Tim lent their playing to the project and really gave it some momentum (as well as giving me some momentum). We just had it Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B mastering in Charlotte, NC who lives in the same area I did when I was down there (his parents also live in the same town as mine). There has been a lot of synchronicity like that throughout this project.

Now all that is left to do is finish the artwork and get this sucker out. The only stumbling block is that I will be in Australia through October so the release date is slated for November, 18. Release party details will follow as well as sneak peaks of the songs from the record.

’Til next time,