Closer to Release

This has been a crazy month of travel and nitpicky work. As many of you know I tour as a guitar tech for Neo Soul Pioneer D’Angelo. We aren’t out on the road a whole lot but when we are I am attending to 4 musicians who all seem to want their strings changed in the same 15 minutes or want something else from me. Couple that with making sure pedalboards and rental gear is all up to snuff and you’ve got yourself a job. The past couple weeks we were in Australia and New Zealand for SoulFest. Despite a few technical problems I enjoyed the countries with Auckland, NZ, our last show, going particularly well. The time change coming back, however, I’m still grappling with over a week later.

Upon return, I found that Mary had done loads of work in getting ready for the release of Weeds in the Ballast. We are pretty much ready to go. I’m still setting up online stores and we are rehearsing to tighten up the performance for the release party Nov, 22nd. We are starting to book some travel dates so keep posted here on our calendar page to see when we may be coming to your area. We’re always looking for festivals and mid-week side dates so if you book any please contact us. All in all, the feedback we have gotten on the CD has been very positive and hopefully we can have some reviews up here soon.